The Rofo Story

The idea for Rofo® — which stands for Right of First Offer — came from our firsthand experience as commercial real estate brokers. While larger businesses typically had the people and resources on-hand to find and compare space, we saw entrepreneurs and small businesses struggle repeatedly in their search for the right place to locate their business.

Beyond just finding the property listings, there was unfamiliar real estate jargon and pricing to learn; not to mention the overwhelming search for reliable services and professionals necessary for a successful move.

But when our fledgling business outgrew the kitchen table, we really understood...

The irony did not escape us.

If we were having this much trouble in our search — and we considered ourselves plugged in—then, most certainly, others were experiencing the same, if not worse.

That's when the light went on — we ARE the company we're trying to start a business for.

We know from experience that whether you are an entrepreneur, an established retail business, or a Mom & Pop looking to expand, finding the right spot is essential to a successful business. And we're not just talking location. Finding the right SIZE space for the right rent with the right attributes is critical to making it all work, especially in the early days.

So, welcome. We look forward to helping you negotiate the crazy world of commercial real estate. We've built a network that helps everyone navigate its wild waters, one square foot at a time.