About Us

Rofo is a commercial real estate marketplace.  Rofo helps you connect with the right real estate brokers, landlords, buildings and information making it easier to accomplish your real estate goals.

Rofo grew out of our own needs as real estate professionals.  We often found that the biggest challenge in real estate was not the actual transaction - it was the inefficient process to get there.  We started Rofo to better organize real estate information (and make it accessible) to simplify the discovery process. 

Rofo has been recognized as a top commercial real estate innovator by Inman News and The Webbies.

 Rofo Facts

  • Rofo stands for Right of First Offer
  • We launched August 2008 in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • As of January 2013, over 1 billion square feet of commercial spaceis listed on Rofo in 4,600+ US cities