ATC Partners, LLC

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Properties: 3

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1000 Sansome Street
Suite 180
San Francisco, CA 94111
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ATC Partners is a full-service real estate firm with a hands-on commitment to adding value at each stage of the turnaround process-from acquisition and renovation to leasing and management. We pair every asset with the appropriate capital structure and business plan. The capitalization program ensures the completion of state-of-art renovation and the addition of key amenities. In doing so, we are able to attract the most desirable tenants in the market. An aggressive marketing strategy and in-house leasing program ensure that every property has a diverse and solid tenant base. What's more, we supervise all day-to-day management and maintains budget plans for each facility. We remain true to its mission by forging lasting relationships with investors, lenders, brokers, managers, and contractors. The result is a highly competitive organization with a track record of excellence, quality and enduring value.

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