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Amanda M. Needs Office Space in Muskegon, MI

Amanda M. is searching for Office Space in Muskegon, MI and is interested in learning about potential locations. This business is looking for space that is up to 8,000 sqft

Additional Comments: Ideal space will have office and small warehouse. Need 2 or more private office spaces as well as an area to hold meetings for up to 12 people. Inventory storage area needed and parking for up to 15 vehicles.

Summary of space requirements:

City: Muskegon, MI
Zipcodes: 49412, 49415, 49425, 49437, 49440, 49441, 49442, 49444, 49445, 49448, 49451, 49456, 49457
Space Type: Office Space
Size Estimate: up to 8,000 sqft
Num Employees: 2-5
Furnished: No

Important features for this space:
• break room  • conference room  • open space  • parking  • private offices  • reception area  

Additional information about this business:
• business has good credit  • existing lease is expiring  • need space asap