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James W. Needs Retail Space in Grand Rapids, MI

James W. is searching for Retail Space in Grand Rapids, MI and is interested in learning about potential locations. This business is looking for space that is 1,200 to 3,600 sqft

Additional Comments: We are resellers and are looking to get into a space within the next few months before it gets too far into fall. We would like to stay under ~$2500/month. We would like to be on a decently busy road where we can get customers who are just passing by, but not downtown where many people avoid it because of how hard it is to drive through. Please feel free to text or call us for more details on what we're looking for. We want the following things: - A large open space to put our own shelving and can rearrange depending on inventory - Preferably an overhead door where we could pull our trailer in to unload. - Ideally, we would be able to get a semi load of inventory (which comes on pallets) that we would be able to easily get into the space. We need the following things: - A Bathroom - Electricity (preferably heating and/or cooling, but we can get heaters and fans ourselves if necessary)

Summary of space requirements:

City: Grand Rapids, MI
Zipcodes: 49306, 49321, 49341, 49345, 49418, 49428, 49435, 49504, 49525, 49534, 49544, 70056
Space Type: Retail Space
Size Estimate: 1,200 to 3,600 sqft

Important features for this space:
• open space  • parking