The Next Opportunity in Commercial Real Estate

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We want to buy songs not albums. Salesforce not software. Perpetual 1099 consultants over employees. Long term liquid investments.

We like the sound of flexibility because the world is unpredictable. But we’re also creatures of habit that like to minimize disruption and change.

Regus has been on to this for years. Office space without a long term lease commitment. It works. Because it’s the world we live in.

Sure, Regus caters to smaller space needs. The majority of their office suites are occupied by companies with 10 people or fewer in one location.

But guess what? Bigger users/companies want flexibility as well. And the landlord who dares to offer it is going to win. Here’s the reason why:

Large companies, even more so than small companies, do not want to move.

Offer a short term lease with renewal options and your building will always be filled with long term tenants.

Written by The Rofo Team

August 14th, 2013 at 5:15 pm

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