Early Stage Essentials for Start ups

Posted by: Chris Z.

Early Stage Essentials: Start Up Access

All early stage companies that find success quickly identify their place in the market and build a solid foundation for growth.  Young companies have a series of issues to tackle right out the gate which determine how stable the company will be and its potential for growth like identifying the right office space and leasing arrangements, finding service providers to build out adequate infrastructure and other essential items that are not part of product development or initial go to market strategies.  


It is also critical to have a solid support team to make sure you are accomplishing all of the tasks needed to progress your company through the milestones needed to achieve your goals.  The time that elapses from developing a new idea to taking it to market is so critical to maximize for young companies because a falter along the way will give your competition the necessary time to overcome any lead time you may have had.  It is essential for start-ups to leverage the host of tools online and service providers in their local area to focus their time and energy on bringing in revenue and developing relationships with new customers.

At Access Growth LLC we focus on a core set of business basics in our Start Up Access program.  This program is designed to assist early stage companies get the venture on track to successfully raise capital, quickly develop the product or service, and build the relationships necessary to rapidly deploy and begin generating revenue.  Below is an overview of the items we cover in our standard Start Up Access program that can be used as a check list to make sure you are not forgetting an important aspect of company development in the earliest stages.

Basic Growth Evaluation
IP Planning Evaluation
Business Concept Graphic
Basic Marketing and Sales Plan
Basic Financial Forecast
Basic Product Development Plan
Basic Operations and Technical Infrastructure Plan
Executive Summary with Funding Requirements
Overview Presentation with Tactical Go-to-Market Strategy

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