Cody Payne, Senior Advisor

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About me: Cody E. Payne serves as an advisor for Sperry Van Ness / Visions Commercial in Fort Worth, Texas. Cody specializes in the leasing and sales of office, retail and industrial property in the Greater Dallas / Fort Worth area. Cody was with Dunn Commercial L.P prior to Dunn Commercial joining Sperry Van Ness. After working in sales for the past 4 years Cody decided to join the Dunn Commercial team. Due to his extensive research of the market, Cody has closed over 400 transactions in under 6 years with the company and secured more than 50 listings. In addition, Cody has added retail properties and out of state listings to the company’s portfolio. Cody has become a very valuable asset in the fact that he helps add value to his clients by his efforts in providing leasing and sales service. Cody places his client’s interests first and is passionate about achieving maximum value for their assets. His career highlights include the sale of a building on Halifax, a large distribution warehouse in

License #: 551177

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