Seven Tips for a QuickMove

Posted by: Alan Bernier

YOU NEED TO MOVE IN 2 WEEKS! Follow the timeline below for your best chance to keep your co-workers from having to work out of your kitchen!

1. Search Actively: Be very proactive with your search for the ideal space. We suggest both searching
and posting your need on Rofo, as well as making calls to your contacts to make sure all potential commercial real estate spaces come to you.

2. Expand the Search Area: We suggest opening up your search to surrounding neighborhoods to ensure you
find the nicest office. The commercial real estate market is based on timing. Give yourself the best opportunity to find deals that are off the market or are being prepped for listing.

3. Improvements: While looking for space, focus on spaces that will need the absolute minimal improvements
needed for you to move into. Think about improvements that could be made while you were in the space if necessary.
If new paint and carpet is needed, you may have time as long as you aren’t picky on the type of carpet.

4. Furniture and Wiring: Ideally, locate a space that is both furnished and wired and avoid the hassles that come with the long-lead items like furniture, DSL and wiring equipment. If you can’t, schedule your appointment with the phone company with a site to be determined by that date, or give your current address and change it once you have your new location determined.

5. Neighborhoods: Focus on neighborhoods that you are familiar with so you don’t need to spend time educating
yourself on the ideal location within a neighborhood. Ask your coworkers about buildings and neighborhoods they like.
Share your listing ideas with them via Rofo’s Listing email option.

6. Holdover at Current Location: Beg your current landlord to hold over without bearing the cost of increased
rent. Check your lease for the Holdover Rent clause and negotiate with your landlord to avoid it.

7. Moving Companies: Find one with one week remaining to your move in date. Use one of Rofo’s recommended
Movers who have specified quick move ability & feel free to use our name.

Last updated: 04.29.2009 03:04 PM