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Sean R. Needs Industrial Space in Phoenix, AZ

Sean R. is searching for Industrial Space in Phoenix, AZ and is interested in learning about potential locations. This business is looking for space that is up to 2,000 sqft

Additional Comments: Greetings, I work for a company called Rapid Reliable Testing, and we've gotten a contract from Maricopa County to do COVID and flu vaccinations. We're looking for a MTM in a commercial or industrial park under 2,000sqft and around $4000/month. We're not looking for a space to test out of, but rather a place we can use as a delivery address and some storage. We do need basic electric, 3 phase is preferred but not a strict requirement, since we will need to keep the vaccines in freezers. Ideally we need a place with a roll-up door that can handle up to '53 trucks. We don't necessarily need a full dock, but a place with a shared dock may be optimal. We're going to be servicing community clinics throughout Maricopa County, so we're not too specific on the location, though somewhere in the valley is probably what we're looking for, with nearby freeway access being preferred. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have further questions. Best, Sean Raines Site Supervisor Rapid Reliable Testing, LLC

Summary of space requirements:

City: Phoenix, AZ
Space Type: Industrial Space
Size Estimate: up to 2,000 sqft
Sprinklers: No

Important features for this space:
• parking  

Additional information about this business:
• business has good credit  • need space asap