Property Search Is About Local Knowledge and Recommendations

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Rofo is currently searching for a new office space. It’s a time consuming and thankless task. There’s a lot of choice, too many spaces to tour, and not enough information online to weed out the bad matches.

It’s ironic. Rofo is in the business of simplifying the search for commercial real estate. We spend each and every day thinking about ways to make the discovery process easier. How do you gather and assemble all of the listings? How do you capture really good descriptive content that allows you to make an apples to apples comparison? How do you avoid touring the bad spaces?

There are some ways to solve this using technology. But ultimately it comes down to social interaction and getting recommendations from knowledgeable people who have already been there. But how do you find those people?

Rofo’s answer to this: create a leasing profile and post it to Rofo.

Every month thousands of businesses post their requirements on Rofo. And every month thousands of proposals/recommendations are sent and connections are made.

The reason it works is that no two space requirements are the same. The space size, the budget, the timing, the amenities, the important deal terms – they are all different. And when you search office space listings online it is not clear which space will meet the majority of your needs and which landlords actually have a reputation for performing on their obligations.

It all starts with you – the searcher. Take the time to be as descriptive as you can about your requirements. Do you have a budget? Do you know your projected headcount? Do you know generally where you want to commute to? Put as much of this down and the quality of your connections will only improve.

Rofo will be rolling out even more functionality in the coming weeks to help with making the right connections. Stay tuned…

Written by The Rofo Team

November 7th, 2011 at 8:09 pm

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